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There are many reasons why someone would prefer to opt for a steel door. Though safety would be the first reason, there are many advantages you can experience with steel doors. From having an aesthetic look to your homes or workplaces to having less to no effort for maintenance. Durogurad steel doors have uniquely crafted designs that are suitable for Indian houses.

If you are renovating your homes with the addition of new techs, then a steed door would be the right option to start with. It adds more efficiency, value and legacy to your building and gives a trustable and welcoming influence at the first glance. These doors are also durable and they can withstand any type of weather conditions keeping pollutants away.

Types of steel doors you can choose,

Steel doors are mostly used as the front doors, but some may also prefer to use them as indoor doors as well. Likewise, the usage of steel doors is not only limited to houses. Many sectors and businesses prefer using steel doors. To fill these various needs of steel doors, they come in 3 different types, 

They are of,

  • Residential steel doors
  • Commercial steel doors
  • Industrial steel doors

Why do residential homes need steel doors?

The need for steel doors in residential homes is pretty simple, they keep your home secure, and they last longer than wooden doors. They hold immaculate and unique designs and are easily cleanable. These residential homes may be individual houses in the cities, villas or even your farmhouses where you spend your weekends. As they are best at keeping your houses away from environmental dust and pollutants from outside, it helps you have a fresh breath.

These doors for residences come in wide designs, so choosing the right design for your home will be done in a few minutes, without any hassle. Wooden finished designs and plain wooden doors are the widely used stainless steel door designs in Indian households. Although there are many steel-finished designs, most prefer wooden finished ones for their house.  Steel doors and frames come in the same colours so that they can match your home perfectly.

Why do commercial homes need steel doors?

Commercial buildings are the buildings that have been built for business purposes. Because of the high usage and rotation of currencies security is essential, which increases the need for steel doors. Buildings like apartments, official buildings, banks, restaurants, and warehouses are commercial ones. Because of the need for higher security in these commercial buildings, the need for commercial steel doors is essential. Thus, commercial steel door concentrates more on security while designs are given less importance.

Unlike residential steel doors which are mostly installed in front doors, commercial steel doors are installed both indoors and entry part of the building. Some high-storey buildings even use steel doors near their stair walls to decrease fire damage.

Why do Industrial buildings need steel doors?

Businesses that indulge in more technical and operational projects normally have huge buildings for the accommodation of various activities. These types of businesses require Industrial steel doors. Buildings like huge warehouses, Manufacturing or Storage buildings that accommodate heavy machinery come under Industrial buildings. Like commercial buildings, the need for steel doors in Industrial buildings is also vital, as they are involved in a high and complex level of business. Some businesses may even need more safe and secure steel doors. For Example- Chemical industries require a high level of security because even a small breach can cause huge damages.

The usage of Steel doors in India is more widely popular for industrial purposes, as India has many types of manufacturing sectors. Most of the mechanisms used for both industrial and residential doors are similar. But still, there are certain differences in production mechanisms, because of the high need for security. For Example- Industrial steel doors are more weight compared to other doors and there is no need for exterior decorations.

The difference between residential and Commercial steel doors

Doors have always been an essential part of our lives. We can easily differentiate the need for the right door with the type of building/business you are intending to buy for. You may be confused about buying the right kind of door because of its expensive or inexpensive nature. A residential door may not be secure for a warehouse, thus choosing the right one is essential. Only when you buy the right door, your need can be fulfilled completely.


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