Steel doors give you more safety and last longer than wooden doors.

The doors have zinc coating which helps them to be rust-proof for a lifetime. Locks are manufactured using stainless steel, so they do not get rusted as well.

Yes, during installations all keys will be handed over. You’ll be provided with 1 set of installation keys and 3 sets of main keys, which can be used after the construction of your house. However, if all the three main keys are lost, then the lock system should be changed, as the keys are customised and imported from Taiwan.

Moving the doors from one place to another place is not possible as they are fixed ones.

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel or modify the order.

The weight of Duroguard steel doors varies from 50 to 200 depending on the model and size.

All our models are in stock in standard sizes and can be delivered immediately. For special models or sizes it takes an ideal processing time of 45 to 60 days.

Our experts will always be available for on-call support.

Yes, the doors are zinc coated and go through several processes which makes them resistant to mild and small scratches. But damages through deliberate hard scratches are unavoidable

Installing the door, yourself is not advised. But installation time can be discussed with our team and the same can be done at your preferred time.

No, there aren’t any hidden/additional charges for the installation of doors.

Our doors can be customised according to the order quantity. Please get in touch with our team to know more details on customisation.