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Safety of our home is not just a want, but a need in our current lifestyle. Half of the time we concentrate on aiding financially to our family, this is why we at duroguard take your worry about keeping your home safe into our hands.

India today has stated that for every 3 minutes a theft happens in Indian households. Thus, the need for higher security is essential. Steel doors in India are opted by people who are looking forward to additional security and safety.

Duroguard steel doors are manufactured to satisfy this need for safety for their consumer. Although the door gives a luxurious feeling, highly technological mechanisms are used in an order to attain more safety.

Consider these six features to find the best quality steel doors for your house

As much as a steel door constitutes your home’s safety, its features of them should be checked to ensure that it is the right one for you. You can’t invest in a steel door because everyone around you is having it. Understand your need, the qualities of steel doors, and how they can help you before opting for them.

Find these six features for you to know a best steel door brand before you invest in them.

Component quality

The component quality means the quality of materials used in the door. Steel is the obvious raw material, but instead of using a raw stainless-steel sheet, these steel sheets are dipped into zinc. These zinc-dipped sheets are called galvanized sheets. Unlike a raw steel sheet, which causes rust and erosion easily, zinc-dipped sheets prevent rust formation in doors, which will result in a longer life span.

As stainless-steel sheets are used, the weight of the door is automatically maintained light. Even if there are any additional coatings given, the weight may not increase the ideal weight of a steel door.

These galvanized sheets with polyurethane foam spray insulations keep the door stand strong throughout the years. In an addition, it increases energy efficiency which results in temperature and sound resistance.

Infilled materials

The inside of a steel door is empty, causing a hollow structure. They are not filled with steel because it might increase the weight of the steel door and will also have maintenance issues. Instead, they are filled with a honeycomb filling sheet which supports and gives great strength to the door.

These honeycomb sheets come in different materials, like corrugated paper, Aluminium foams, Thermoplastic foams, Polystyrene foams etc. Durogurad uses corrugated paper honeycomb sheets, they are highly noise-resistant and helpful in absorbing the outside vibrations and disturbances. These Corrugated papers undergo a process of stalking and expansion which makes the honeycomb strong and reliable.

Like doors, the frames of the doors are also hollow, but instead of filling them prior, they are filled with concretes during installation by Duroguard experts.

Paint quality

How a door looks are the first thing we notice in a door. Thus, the colour and quality of the paint used on the door need to be of high quality which helps them look aesthetic. These paints act like salt in the food, it is always unnoticed, but if they aren’t painted properly, then it is shown abruptly. The look of your door is as important as its quality. Moreover, the good steel door paint acts as an additional layer of protection adding a few more years to your door's long life.

Painting your doors in dark colour with wooden finishing gives an aesthetic yet rich look to any Indian household. They also help you to give a warm welcome to your guests. Duroguard uses high-quality paints and the doors undergo many processes that make them resistant to mild scratches. So it’d be a perfect choice of door for your house if your house is full of kids.


When compared with both wooden and steel doors, steel doors provide higher security. Durogurad has partnered with Ecoline private limited to bring you the best quality steel doors that excel in safety and security. In an order to increase the level of security, Duroguard provides doors with a multi-locking facility for all of its doors.

The customer is provided with 3 sets of main keys along with installation keys. These installation keys can be used during the installation and construction of your house. Once you are ready to move in we can use the main key. The speciality of this multi-locking service is that once the main key is used, the installation key will be disabled and again with the use of the second main key, the first one will be disabled. This is why durogurad promises 100% guar


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