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The first impression always takes an inseparable place in the human mind. That’s how the entrance door of your house acts to your visitors. Steel doors are a one-time installation but secure your homes over years.

Besides that, Doors also act as a vital form of security in your house. You can’t sleep sound when your door is not fully functional and unsafe. Duroguard steel doors aim to bring a wide variety of doors of high quality and security to every Indian Household. 

Benefits of Duroguard high quality steel doors

Premium quality

The main door has to be in the highest quality to protect your home. Duroguard steel doors are manufactured in luxurious designs with the best quality GI steel. Along with the powder coated surface they stay resistant to severe weather conditions and prevent from rusting due to humidity. 

Cool appearance

Duroguard steel doors give your home a unique luxurious look. The designs are uniquely crafted for, thus it is hard to find them anywhere else. These steel doors give you a minimalistic, luxurious and traditional look whichever you may prefer.


Steel doors are extremely strong, which ensures high security. The primary aim of any steel door is to give better security than wooden door. Once the doors are installed to the walls it is an impossible task to break them. The multi point locking system secures the doors in all the 3 directions. In addition the high quality locking system ensures the keys could not be duplicated. The peep hole is an additional feature to know your visitors before opening the door. 

Good investment

As the steel doors provide the highest form of safety, it is a good investment. Owning a house for every Indian is a good investment, having a steel door adds value to it. 

To happily concentrate on work, steel doors can be opted, as it ensures the safety of an empty apartment. During the times when you are away from your house, doors are the primary security you can depend on. Thus, steel doors are a vital investment you can make for your home.

Going Eco-friendly

We are all aware of the devastating effects of deforestation. We are now in a critical era where it is vital to save all the resources in the planet for future generations to come. Global warming is mainly caused by cutting down trees. 

Most of the Indian hokes still use wooden doors and windows meaning millions of trees needs to be cut down every year. With steel door you could save those trees, steels can be reused or recycled. Moreover they last for many decades. 

Long term value

Unlike wooden doors, steel doors stand the test of time especially in the monsoon seasons and near coastal areas. They don’t rust, fade even when facing the sun for longer times and hence is a safer option for any weather conditions. The wooden doors needs to be cared for as they shrink in size over a period and as they get termite attacks very often. 

Less maintenance.

The steels doors need not be painted every year or polished. 


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